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Keto Sweeteners in Australia: The 2022 Shopper’s Guide

Updated: Jul 18

Fantastic news for everyone considering a ketogenic diet: low carb eating doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your favourite sweets. There are more and more keto sweeteners in Australian stores now, and many of them are so good, you won’t be able to tell the difference. Struggling to give up desserts is one of the biggest reasons people don’t stick to keto long-term, but with such a variety of keto sweeteners in Australia, there’s no reason you can’t have your low carb cake and eat it too.

Low-calorie sweeteners have a bad reputation, particularly among health-conscious communities. In reality, the category has come a long way from just aspartame and sucralose. There are plenty of natural low carb sweeteners on the market, and not all of them are sugar alcohols, either. This article will help you discover all your options and where to buy keto sweeteners.

If you’re looking for keto sweeteners in Australia, you can now find them in leading supermarkets such as Coles and Woolworths. Low carb sweeteners are also available in health food stores and online, through retailers such as Amazon Australia, iHerb and eBay. These include popular options like allulose, erythritol and monk fruit sweeteners. Many brands offer a blend of these ingredients to imitate sugar more accurately.

Let’s explore each type of sweetener, with a quick summary of everything you need to know and where to purchase them. Keep reading for a convenient summary of the best sugar substitutes in Australia.

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Grocery Store

Where to Buy Allulose in Australia

Allulose is currently not approved by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ), so it can’t be sold or purchased in Australian stores. However, allulose can be ordered online from iHerb Australia, eBay or Amazon stores.

See below for some online stores shipping allulose to Australian customers.

Does Coles Sell Allulose?

Unfortunately, allulose isn't currently approved for sale in Australia, despite its widespread popularity in the USA and Japan. Leading allulose sweetener brands, such as Dolcia Prima, have been available for up to five years internationally. However, without approval from Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ), it isn't yet stocked in Coles.

Does Woolworths Sell Allulose?

Similar to Coles, Woolworths does not sell allulose at the moment. No doubt the major supermarkets will be on board once allulose is approved by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ). Until then, allulose sweeteners like Dolcia Prima aren't available for purchase in Australia.

Where to Buy Allulose Online in Australia

Allulose on iHerb Australia

Madhava Natural Sweeteners Allulose Sweetener 454g

This natural sweetener is a blend of allulose, prebiotic fibre (chicory root) and monk fruit extract, making a well-balanced 1:1 sugar substitute. Madhava Clean & Simple products are known for their purity. They're tested for over 130 contaminants such as pesticides, ensuring you get an extremely safe product. This allulose sweetener is also gluten-free, vegan and kosher pareve.

With 0g net carbs, Madhava allulose sweetener is keto-friendly, without the aftertaste or potential gastrointestinal side effects of sugar alcohols.

Price: $18.94 per 340g pack


- Clean natural product

- Low in calories and carbohydrates

- 1:1 white sugar replacement.


- Can only be ordered online

- Requires adjustment to baking time and temperature

It's Just - Allulose, Sugar Substitute, Keto Friendly Sweetener, Non-Glycemic, Made in the USA (312g)

This keto sweetener is also an allulose sugar that can be used 1:1 in your favourite recipes. It only has one ingredient, which is allulose - perfect if you're looking for a low carb sweetener without fillers. It's also ultra-fine, making it ideal for baking keto-friendly cakes and pastries.

Price: $30 for 312g pack


- Organic

- Keto and paleo-friendly

- Caramelises and browns like sugar


- Very expensive by weight

- Imported from the USA

- Less balanced flavour than mixed sweeteners

On keto forums and discussion boards, members have also reported that allulose is available in Australia via Amazon or eBay.

Both the Splenda Allulose Plant Based Zero Calorie Sweetener and Sweet Nature Allulose Sweetener can be purchased from Amazon Australia.

Wholesome, Allulose, Zero Calorie Sweetener

This calorie free sweetener has a sweet yet mild taste. The only ingredient in this product is allulose and is a keto certified product containing zero net carbs. For this sweetener, 1 and ⅓ cups is equal to 1 cup of refined sugar.

Price: $12.38 for 340g


  • Keto certified

  • Gluten free

  • Non GMO certified


  • Only available online

  • Not sweet enough for some

  • Needs more than a 1:1 ratio

RxSugar Allulose Sweetener

This product is described as ‘sugar reimagined’. With zero calories and zero net carbs, it is a great alternative to sugar. It can be used as a sugar replacement in practically any drink or meal, and is especially useful for baking.

Price: $17.98 for 454g


  • Gluten free

  • Plant based

  • Keto certified

  • Blood sugar friendly


  • Only available online

  • Needs more than a 1:1 ratio

Where to buy Dolcia Prima in Australia

Unfortunately, as allulose is not currently approved for sale in Australia, Dolcia Prima, the most popular allulose brand, is not stocked in any Australian stores. This means you won't find Dolcia Prima at Woolworths, Coles or Aldi Australia.

There is currently no news on when it will be available, but there are definitely many of us looking forward to its arrival!

Best Substitute for Allulose

The flavour of allulose is reported to be the most similar to sugar. However, if you can't get your hands on allulose in Australia, what's the next best alternative?

A blend of erythritol and monk fruit is definitely the most similar to allulose. It can also be used 1:1 in cooking and baking for a reliable result. You can see some of the erythritol and monk fruit sweeteners available in Australia below.

My preferred allulose substitute is Sukrin monkfruit & erythritol sweetener, which works well in most desserts and baked goods. The addition of monkfruit makes this blended sweetener very similar to sugar, just like allulose.

Where to Buy Erythritol in Australia

Unlike allulose, it's easy to buy erythritol in Australia, both in supermarkets and online. Erythritol sweeteners can be purchased in Coles and Woolworths stores across Australia, as well as health food stores and online stores.

Erythritol is a plant-based sweetener that is incredibly common in keto recipes. It may be classified as a 'sugar alcohol', but don't get confused, as erythritol does not contain alcohol. This label refers to the molecular structure of the granulated sweetener.

Being fantastic for baking, erythritol is commonly found in commercial keto products, such as MadCreations shortbread mix and cake mix. It’s also just as handy for home baking, as long as you know how much erythritol to use.

Erythritol is not as sweet as sugar, meaning you need to use 1/2 to 1/3 more if you're substituting erythritol. Of course, the perfect sweetness level is always subjective, so you can add more or less to taste.

Erythritol by itself is an effective sweetener, but 100% erythritol tends to have a ‘cool’ taste, and not everyone enjoys it. That’s why it’s commonly mixed with a little allulose, stevia or monk fruit sweetener, balancing out the flavour and making it taste more like sugar. That's why many erythritol products on the market contain a small percentage of one of these additions.

Sukrin monkfruit sweetener is a fantastic brand which combines erythritol with monkfruit extract, and is made from all-natural ingredients.

However, 100% erythritol sweeteners are still available on the market if you don’t mind the aftertaste or prefer to mix your own keto sweetener blend.

Does Coles Sell Erythritol?

Yes, Coles sells a range of erythritol sweeteners, many of which also include monkfruit extract. Brands of erythritol sweetener include Coles home brand, Whole Earth, Natvia and Lakanto.

Erythritol sweeteners available at Coles in Australia include: