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The Best Keto Electrolytes in Australia: 2021 Comparison Guide

Updated: May 7

One of the most common mistakes made by keto beginners is failing to maintain their body’s electrolyte balance. An electrolyte imbalance can cause unpleasant symptoms and disrupt overall physical health, manifesting as the dreaded ‘keto flu’.

While a keto diet limits the consumption of carbohydrates, it can, unfortunately, result in the expulsion of water and essential electrolytes. Ketosis also affects the way the body handles sodium, and the kidneys can flush out sodium more than usual, causing an electrolyte imbalance.

These minerals are important for many critical bodily functions, which is why an electrolyte imbalance causes such a wide range of symptoms.

Most electrolyte supplements, like standard sports drinks, contain large amounts of sugar and are unsuitable for a keto diet. The good news is that there are a variety of keto-friendly electrolyte options available in Australia. These low-sugar or no-sugar alternatives can help keep the body healthy and hydrated during the transition to a keto diet.

This article is a comprehensive guide to low-carb electrolyte supplements in Australia. By taking steps to replace lost fluids and minerals, these options can help make your keto journey a pleasant one.

Why Are Electrolytes Important On a Keto Diet?

Electrolytes are the minerals that aid in maintaining essential bodily functions, including the healthy function of the muscles, brain, heart, and bladder. Since a keto diet causes electrolytes to leave the body more quickly, especially when you first make the switch, you may need to consume more electrolytes than usual.

A ketogenic diet aims to restrict the number of carbs consumed, causing the body to react by producing less insulin and forcing it to use its glycogen stores. This process allows people to achieve weight loss and other health benefits from eating keto, but there can also be unintended consequences.

Low carbohydrate consumption also impacts the way your body processes minerals, and with the drop in insulin production, the body excretes more sodium than usual. In turn, this affects the overall balance of other electrolytes in the body.

There are four main electrolytes to keep track of when you are on a ketogenic diet:

· Sodium: Helps the body control blood volume and blood pressure

· Calcium: Essential for bone-building but also aids muscle and nerve functions

· Potassium: Regulates blood pressure levels

· Magnesium: Helps with over 300 bodily functions, including hormone regulation, bone strengthening, and energy production

Other electrolytes found in the body include bicarbonate, chloride and phosphate, and some electrolyte supplements also contain these substances.

When the body starts expelling water, electrolytes tend to be eliminated along with it. Therefore, to avoid symptoms of electrolyte imbalance (the cause of ‘keto flu’), it’s critical to replace these minerals.

Luckily, keto-friendly electrolytes are available in Australia through a wide range of shops and supermarkets. I’ve put together a list of low-carb electrolyte supplements available in Australian stores, as well as their pros and cons, so that you can find the best option for you.

Note that you should always check with your doctor before taking any kind of nutritional supplement, including electrolytes. Certain medical conditions and medications can change the way your body processes minerals, so it’s important to make sure it’s safe for your individual needs.

Keto Electrolytes at Coles & Woolworths

Diet Rite Lite Salt

This unique salt mixture combines potassium chloride and sodium chloride, and it’s one of the most recommended ‘keto hacks’ online. According to Diet Rite manufacturers, their product contains 50% less sodium than regular table salt, but still retains the look and flavour of regular salt.

The most important factor here is that it contains potassium, offering a convenient way for ketoers to substitute this mineral. Diet Rite Lite Salt is suitable for both table and cooking use, and it’s often used to make DIY keto electrolyte drinks.

Electrolytes Included: Sodium and potassium

Price: $2.75 per 170g bottle


· Low-carb and inexpensive

· Manufactured and sourced in Australia

· Convenient to buy with your regular groceries


· Doesn’t perfectly match the flavour of regular salt

· Includes fewer minerals than other keto electrolyte drinks and supplements

Where To Buy: Diet Rite is available at supermarkets like Coles and Woolworths. You can also purchase it from online keto stores and health food stores.

KetogenX Essential Electrolytes

KetogenX is a local Perth-owned brand of keto electrolyte drinks. The small business created by couple Karina and Jeff is branded as a keto one-stop shop, with not only electrolyte drinks, but also keto collagen, organic MCT oil powder; as well as keto-friendly recipes to make at home. They stock a range of popular flavours like strawberry, grape, lemon-lime, tropical and watermelon. The team at KetogenX vigorously test each product before it becomes available for sale.

Electrolytes Included: Potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium.

Price: $34.99 per bottle (30 servings)


· Local Perth-based company

· Great variety of flavours

· Contains added minerals like zinc, phosphorous and manganese


· No international shipping

· Sweetened with Stevia, which some people are sensitive to

· One of the more pricey options ($1.16 per serving)

Where To Buy: KetogenX is stocked at Peaches Fresh Food Market in Fremantle, or can be purchased online on the KetogenX website or at Keto WA.

Musashi Electrolytes

Musashi Electrolytes is a sports food supplement originally designed for vigorous exercise. The formula contains vital minerals to maximise hydration and help to boost physical performance. As the formula is low in sugar and carbs, it’s a commonly recommended product to combat ‘keto flu’ through electrolyte intake.

On top of the major electrolytes, Musashi is fortified with glutamine and amino acids to boost endurance, reduce muscle pain, and support intestinal health. This means you’ll be ingesting these extra sports-focused ingredients on top of the electrolytes you’re looking for.

Electrolytes Included: Sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium chloride

Price: $25 per 300g bottle, which provides 30 servings


· Vegan-friendly formula

· Ideal for those who are doing regular, intense workouts

· Packed with the most important electrolytes for a healthy keto diet


· Still contains some sugar/carbohydrates

· Ingredients may not suit a less active lifestyle

· Excess consumption may have a laxative effect

Where To Buy: Musashi website, Woolworths supermarkets and Chemist Warehouse.

Alka Power Alkaline Water

Alka Power G Active pH9+ is a bottled premium alkaline water. Natural spring water goes through a patented filtration process that results in a pH level of 9-10. In addition to the standard 600ml bottles, it also comes in a 10L bulk size and a ‘sports water’ variety, Alka Active pH9+.

Electrolytes Included: Calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and phosphate

Price: $2 – $10 depending on size and variant


· 100% natural and Australian-sourced

· Great for hydration, which is essential to the keto diet

· Sugar-free, flavouring-free and pure

· Contains no additives like chlorine and fluoride


· Primarily a water and not an electrolyte supplement

· Comes in plastic bottles

· Difficult to find quantities for the electrolyte content

Where To Buy: Supermarkets like Coles, Woolworths, and Caltex branches across Australia.

Sugar-Free Sports Drinks (Gatorade Zero, Powerade Zero)

Sports drinks are sometimes recommended as an alternative to water when it comes to rehydration. As the name suggests, these products are designed for drinking during and after sport and strenuous exercise. However, sports drinks have attracted a lot of criticism in recent years for their high sugar content.

Gatorade and Powerade are two of the most widely known sports drinks, but there are other homebrand and alternative products on the market as well. While most are unsuitable for keto, the major brands include sugar-free sports drinks in their range.

Electrolytes Included: Most sports drinks contain sodium and potassium electrolytes at a minimum. Some varieties contain all of the four critical electrolytes: sodium, magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

Price: Around $2.15 to $2.30 per bottle


· Can be effective at relieving symptoms of electrolyte imbalance

· Relatively cheap and easily accessible

· Wide variety of flavours to choose from


· Even sugar-free varieties like Gatorade Zero and Powerade Zero contain artificial sweeteners, such as sucralose

· Contains artificial flavours and colours

· Comes in a plastic bottle

Where To Buy: Coles, Woolworths, convenience stores and other local retailers

Keto Electrolytes at Chemist Warehouse

Endura Low Carb Hydration

This powdered health drink is designed to replace essential electrolytes, including during intense physical activity, but is also suitable for daily hydration. It includes all four of the key electrolytes we need to replenish on a keto diet.

The supplement is 99% sugar-free, so contains 1g of carbohydrates per serving. While this may not be convenient for strict ketoers, for those transitioning to a keto diet, this may be a good choice to keep electrolytes in balance.

Endura Low Carb Hydration comes in grape berry flavour. It is formulated with Meta Mag® Magnesium, a special form of magnesium designed to be easily absorbed by the body.

Endura comes in powder form and needs to be mixed with water before consumption.

Electrolytes Included: Magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium.

Price: $24.99 per 128g bottle


· Suitable for regular hydration as well as sports

· Offers 32 servings per tub (78c per serve)

· Free from common allergens


· Still contains 1 gram of carbs per serving

· Not ready to drink and requires mixing

· May need more than one dose a day to optimise results

Musashi Electrolytes

This powdered sports supplement contains key minerals that need to be replenished after sport and exercise. Musashi Electrolytes powder is watermelon flavoured and needs to be mixed with 500ml water before consumption.

Musashi Electrolyte powder is sweetened with both erythritol and sucralose. While erythritol is a common and relatively safe low-carb sweetener, sucralose is something that many people prefer to avoid consuming.

Overall, this Musashi Watermelon electrolyte drink is a keto-friendly option, with only 0.3g of carbs and less than 0.1g of sugar per serve.

Included Electrolytes: Calcium, potassium, magnesium, and sodium

Price: $19.99 per 300g container


· Low in carbohydrates and sugar

· Vegan-friendly formula

· Cost-effective (around 66c per serve)


· Contains artificial sweeteners and flavourings

· Can have a laxative effect

· Not recommended during pregnancy

Keto Electrolyte Drinks Online

Bulk Nutrients Electrolyte Blend

This electrolyte blend is a formula specifically made for keto nutritional needs. It aims to replace the essential electrolytes usually lost through perspiration or on a keto diet. Impressively, this electrolyte supplement contains absolutely zero carbs!

Bulk Nutrients’ signature Electrolyte Blend comes in powder form, and in contrast to other products on this list, it isn’t a pre-flavoured or sweetened drink. This supplement contains pure electrolytes in powdered form, and you’ll need to add your own choice of low carb sweetener or flavouring to the isotonic solution to make it palatable.

The store also stocks flavourings to add to their products, but they are made with sucralose, maltitol and artificial flavours. If this is all a bit intimidating, you can also get the supplement in capsule form and bypass the problem of making it taste better.

Included Electrolytes: Magnesium, potassium, calcium, and sodium

Price: $25 per 250g bag


· Contains no sugar and no carbohydrates

· Vegan-friendly, lactose and gluten-free

· Contains no flavours or colours


· Unflavoured drink, so has a bitter taste

· Can be tricky to dissolve completely

· Only available to order online

Kiss My Keto Electrolytes

This powder is a dietary supplement specifically designed for a ketogenic diet, and it’s become a bit of a craze online. Besides replenishing essential electrolytes, Kiss My Keto also contains zinc to boost the immune system.

This powdered drink has a mixed berry flavour which most people enjoy, so it’s a nice palatable option.

To prepare Kiss My Keto, mix one scoop of the powder to 250 ml – 300 ml of water. For best results, consume the drink at the start of the day, during snack time, or after working out, up to three serves per day.

Offered Electrolytes: Potassium, magnesium, calcium, chloride, and sodium

Price: $37 per 360g bottle


· Includes zinc to boost the immune system and chloride to maintain hydration

· Uses stevia as a sweetener, so it’s carb-free and sugar-free

· Inexpensive at around 40c per serve


· The larger pack is a more expensive upfront cost

· May cause digestive discomfort for some people to start with

· Ships internationally from the USA

Trace Minerals Keto Electrolyte Powder

Trace Minerals Keto electrolyte powder is a custom-made dietary supplement for keto dieters. It seeks to restore full-spectrum electrolytes, as well as rehydrate and re-energise the body. The powder has a lime flavour, and reviews on the taste vary. Still, it does meet some pretty stringent keto credentials: Trace Minerals is a sugar-free electrolyte powder with 0g carbs and no artificial additives.

In addition to the four main electrolytes, this product also contains chloride derived from sea salt and a concentrated formula of ionic minerals.

Included Electrolytes: Potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, and chloride

Price: $47 per 330g tub


· Non-GMO ingredients

· Contains no sugar and no carbs

· BPA free bottle

· Vegan and gluten-free


· More expensive than other electrolyte drinks on the market

· Shipped internationally to Australia

· Some people find the taste unpleasant

Ultima Replenisher Electrolyte Drink Sticks

Ultima Replenisher stands out as a keto electrolyte powder because it comes in a fun variety pack of five flavours: raspberry, grape, lemonade, orange, and cherry. This supplement was designed to suit a paleo diet in addition to keto and low-carb nutrition requirements.

Ultima Replenisher electrolyte supplements contain zero carbs, zero sugar and zero calories, as well as being 100% natural. This pack includes four sachets of each flavour, but if you find you prefer one over the others, you can order them separately or try bonus flavours watermelon, blue raspberry and pink lemonade.

Included Electrolytes: Chloride, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and sodium

Price: $31 for 20 sticks


· Comes in a variety of natural flavours

· Offers a broader range of electrolytes

· No artificial flavours or sweeteners


· More expensive than other supplements

· Some reviewers find the flavours too sweet

· Frequently sold out in online stores